I have many names: Sadia, Mehnaz, Hossain and Sarwar – each one imparting some dimension┬áto me (I think) but essentially I’m a twenty-something, currently living in Montreal, Canada, originally hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

On the outset, that would paint me out to be a wannabe Montrealaise with heavily anglicized francaise or a fish-loving, Tagore-worshipping Bengali but au contraire, one would be aghast at the extent (or lack) of my Bengali vocabulary and equal abhorrence of ‘en francais s’il vous plait’ settings. Thus, I believe in paradoxes and in the old adage of not judging a book by it’s cover.

Welcome to my journey as an up-and-coming author/novelist as I aim to tell stories that help explain some of the enigmas of our times. I intend to use this site to document my musings and attempt to dissect problems as and when I see fit.